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Hi. I'm Marco's sister. Those of you who don't know me can call me Pearl. When I was nineteen, I bit into a pearl in a fried oyster in some linoleum-floored crab shack on Cape Cod.

I'm a recovering graduate student, high school Spanish teacher, unrepentant history geek, and budding mystic. I've traveled to four of the seven continents. I always love to discuss politics, religion, history, and philosophy. In my other life, I'm also a wife with really poor housekeeping skills. But I can cook.


Tumblr is my safe space.

I have been with tumblr since the beginning. That’s right. I’m an old-timer. I’ve stayed for a very clear reason. I am able to say things here that I can’t in most other venues of my life. I’m able to express myself more openly and honestly here than anywhere else. On tumblr, I have met people who make me feel less alone and far more ‘normal’ than I ever meet in ‘real life’. I mean, where else can a headscarf-wearing American Muslim convert, infertile, bisexual, middle-school Spanish teacher who loves house music and her poodles find support and community?

Over the years, I have seen Tumblr grow from a small start-up with two young guys running it in a small NYC office to a big company with 100+ employees. I’ve been through developments and changes, like the first addition of comments and messaging (awesome!) to the briefly-lived tumblarity (thank God that’s gone). I’ve watched some of my favorite bloggers come and go, and made some amazing connections. Tumblr was my only connection to my loved ones during a horrific tragedy in 2009, and since then, it has helped the wounds heal. I’ve had my comfort zone challenged here more times that I can count, and I’m always grateful.

I stay because this is my safe space, this is a very real community for me, this is a place where I have found support, entertainment, healing and friendship.

Yahoo, please remember this. Don’t screw this up for me or for the other beloved members of my tumblr family.

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